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How to Take Killer Selfies

Are you just starting your Alua journey or looking to spice up your profile? Do you want to make your profile more visible with irresistible photos?  

Well, regardless of your intended audience, killer selfies should first and foremost satisfy you. You should be the one liking your own pics. A well-made selfie can be a huge confidence booster, especially if you make it extra spicy. 

If you’re also guilty of making 100 photos and still feeling like none of them is good enough, take a look at these 16 tips on how to take killer selfies we’ve prepared for you. 

Alua creator selfie in nature

1. Clean your front camera

Maybe not exactly a tip for killer pics, but certainly a must if you want people to see your face clearly. 

Camera lenses get dirty all the time, and it’s your job – or your photographer’s if you have one – to take care of them so you can get the perfect pic. Otherwise, you risk ending up with blurry pics or dust particles, marks, and smudges all over your pic. 

So, for starters, try not to touch the camera lens too much with your fingers. Also, make sure to clean it regularly with a microfiber cloth or another soft (and dry!) type of fabric. 

2. Play with the focus options

Smartphones aren’t called smart without reason. Nowadays, they come with so many camera options and features, most people don’t even know what kind of powerful machines they carry in their pockets. 

Chances are, your smartphone has a couple of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to lighting and camera focus that you might not be aware of. If you want better selfies, do a little research and try to play around more with these options.

The simplest thing you can do to get better focus is tap your screen with your finger before taking a photo, which will automatically focus on the desired object.

Alua creator bedroom mirror selfie

3. Don’t overthink it and take lots of pictures

Imagine how much time you’ll waste if you stop after every picture you take and try to decide whether you like it or not. It’s better to take more shots at once and then go through them later to pick the best one from the bulk. 

And have patience – it takes time to nail the perfect selfie! 

4. Take photos from a particular angle

When you take photos from a particular angle, you manage to create a better sense of intimacy for the viewer, as opposed to a standard, face-on angle. 

Experiment with different angles to see which one suits you best – high-above angle, or down below, from the side… it’s your choice! 

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5. Pay attention to your leg stance

Shifting between different leg stances can make a world of difference when finding your best killer selfie pose. 

Change your leg pose/stance as you take different shots and try out different angles with different stances. Try a wider stance, put a leg up front or to the side, or stand with your feet together. No pose is wrong as long as you like it! 

Alua creator selfie accentuating the chest

6. Arch your back to accentuate other body parts

By simply arching your back, you can accentuate your booty and your waist. For extra selfie spiciness, angle and arch your upper body away from the camera to make the butt and thighs look thicker than your waist. 

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7. Use windows and mirrors

Windows and mirrors can be such fantastic selfie allies! If you want a more dreamy (yet sexy!) aesthetic, you can use your window or mirror reflection to achieve this. It can be even better if you can use some stray sun rays to achieve an extra ethereal haze for your selfie. 

8. If you want longer legs, try standing on your tiptoes

It’s quite simple: standing on your tiptoes makes your legs look longer. So, if you’ve always wanted to have long legs, there’s an easy solution. Alternatively, you can also tilt the angle of your phone forward towards the bottom or just tilt the photo forward using the phone editing options. 

Another way you can elongate your legs is to wear shoes in the same color as your pants (or the same as the color of your skin). 

9. Take pictures from below

This is a good way to make yourself look taller. When you shoot from below, it creates the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are. 

So, if you’ve always wanted to look a tad taller in pictures, don’t hesitate to tilt your phone a little bit and take pics from a lower angle. 

Alua creator closeup mirror selfie

10. Take advantage of natural lighting 

Natural lighting can replace all other lighting options on your phone. The only thing that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with natural light is a good-quality ring light. But when you don’t have one lying about, why not use the power of sunshine, and get that perfect killer selfie the natural way? 

The best lighting is usually when the sun rises or during the ‘golden hour,’ just before the sun is about to set. If you want to plan ahead and make it easier for yourself, you can even use the Golden Hour One app. This app tells you the exact time when you can find the best lighting, depending on your location. 

11. Put one of your hands in your pocket

Sometimes you’re not sure what to do with your hands in photos. But there’s an easy trick to settle this once and for all – just put one in your pockets and the other on your waist. If you want a little extra spiciness, try to lightly run your fingers through your hair. And voila, you have a killer pose in no time with zero effort!

12. Work on your posture

Not to sound like a strict schoolteacher, but yes, a good posture can actually make your selfies sexier. When your spine is aligned, your collarbones stick out more, and so does your chest! 

13. Do the hip tilt 

The hip tilt is a staple for killer poses, and it’s also very easy to do. You just need to put one foot in front of the other, and you’ll instantly look like you have more curves. Also, your legs will look naturally longer in the photo. 

Alua creator black and white selfie

14. Dress up

Dressing up to be sexy doesn’t mean you have to have fancy, expensive clothes. Whether it’s high heels or just sneakers, a mini skirt or simple jeans, it’s more about the clothes that make you feel sexy. They don’t even have to be particularly revealing, as long as they make you feel like you can (metaphorically!) set the house on fire!

15. Use an editing app

You can always use an editing app to add an extra flair to your pictures through filters and various artistic effects. You can use it to make your pics look lighter or darker and infuse them with special shades or colors. 

16. Pay attention to framing

Figure out what kind of framing works for your perfect killer selfies. When you experiment with framing and find your favorite one, you can spend less time in post-production tinkering with crop and zoom. 


So, as you can see, a killer selfies require a couple of tricks up your sleeve. Luckily, selfies don’t require as much hard work as they may seem to some. 

By following tips like utilizing natural lighting, dressing up in clothes you feel sexy in, fixing up your posture, and adjusting a couple of smartphone photo options, you can have your perfect selfie in no time. 

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