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How To Make Money Chatting On Alua

In this generation, the internet has transformed the way we communicate with each other while also creating new options for people to generate money. Chatting with people is one of the simplest methods to generate money online. With our platform, Alua, you may also earn money by talking with people from all around the world.

The great thing about earning money by talking on Alua is that it is simple and adaptable. There are no specific talents required, and you can do it whenever and wherever you choose as long as you have an internet connection. In this article, we’ll show you how to make money chatting on Alua. Let’s get this started!

A flexible way to make some money

If you’re looking for a flexible way to generate some extra cash, Alua is the way to go! Alua is a website where you can earn money by chatting with people from all around the world. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare, Alua provides a quick and simple means to turn your chatting skills into cash. You can start earning money whenever you decide on, from anywhere you are, even at the comfort of your own home!

Alua mobile application

Alua isn’t just available as a website version, it also has a mobile app that offers greater personalization along with other features. Users can receive notifications more easily with the mobile application. This is to ensure that you do not miss any conversations and notifications.

Mobile apps typically save data on your mobile device, but websites typically use a web server. This may provide a faster and delightful user experience than other platforms that do not have a mobile app. The Alua app is available for download for both ios and android creators.

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Ways to make money on Alua

Private messages

Private messages or what we call direct messages are exactly what they sound like. These are messages sent directly to other users on the app. Unlike other platforms, you earn on Alua based on the amount of replies you send to other app users. So, if you’re a talker, you can make extra money as long as the conversation continues. 

Private conversations can help creators engage with and develop their relationships with their followers and other platform users. This is where the real spice is. You can do various things while getting to know each other. This keeps fa ns engaged and excited at the same time.  And Alua’s messaging capability is useful for more than just private conversations. You may also help yourself earn more money on the app by doing the following:

Selling content in-chat

In-chat is where you can also sell your photos and/or videos. You can earn additional money by selling content in private messages to your fans and other app users. You may also set a timeframe for your videos and pictures to self-destruct after no more than 48 hours..

Selling  photos and videos in-chat means you can earn more money from the stuff you give

your fans when they buy it. It is also a great way to keep your fans entertained and get a little bit naughty with them.

Automated messages

You can create an automated welcome message for your fans and other app users on Alua. This message can be anything you want it to be, such as an introduction to yourself and what you have to give once they start chatting to you. As a welcome greeting, you can also send a photo of yourself or a short video. Automated messages are a fantastic way to initiate interactions with new followers.

Mass messaging

You may also use Alua to send mass messages to everyone on your contact list. You may want to notify your followers of any updates you have, such as an upcoming event, such as a free one-on-one talk, or content that will be released shortly.

Mass messaging is an excellent approach to expand your marketing and promote announcements to all of your followers at once.


In addition to private one-on-one messages, you can earn money through offering a monthly subscription. While you can use Alua solely for chatting, you can also charge users a monthly fee to access your exclusive content. You and your paid subscribers must have access to the exclusive content you upload to Alua. As a result, the content you share to Alua should be photos and videos of you that are not publicly viewable, similar to the content you can repurpose on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok.

Model referral

The Alua referral program is one way for creators to earn money from the App. It works when a user uses your model referral link to join up for Alua. You will receive a 5% lifetime commission on any income made by any user that joins Alua via your referral link. The money you earn from the referral program is deducted from the app rather than from the earnings of the content creators you referred to.

Ready to make money?

Now that you’ve learned how to earn money on Alua, decide which option you’d like to test first. Sign up for Alua and start earning right away!

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