Why Public Profile Content must be clean:

Due to App Store rules, “sexualized content” is not allowed IN YOUR PUBLIC CONTENT.

Please note: this does not apply to private subscription posts or inside chats.

Some examples of content that should be avoided on your public profile:

  • - Nudity / Implied nudity
  • - Nudity covered with emojis/stickers/graphics
  • - Lingerie
  • - Posing seductively on a bed
  • - State of undress
  • - Touching yourself
  • - Sexually suggestive poses (legs spread, all fours, etc)
  • - Dirty mirror selfies showing lots of skin
  • - Bikini indoors
  • - Bikini that is too revealing or too sexual
  • - “Body shot” with face cut off or out of frame

Having clean public profiles makes Alua more accessible to more of your customers. Thank you for understanding, and if you have any questions please let our friendly support team know.